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Vegetation Management
with Goats


Grazing Solutions

About Grazing Goats Wisconsin

Grazing Goats Wisconsin is a family-owned land stewardship company currently serving southern Wisconsin. We are changing our approach to land stewardship one acre at a time, and we see ourselves as one tiny hoofprint in the efforts of many to leave a positive lasting impact.


We use a targeted mob grazing approach to aid in the eradication of noxious weeds, plants, and brush. Our foraging Goats are able to achieve vegetation management because they are compact, quick, and nimble. They often go into places humans cannot easily go, like rocky cliffs or steep ravines.


Meet the Grazers

How It Works

How It Works

1. Book Online

Book your herd of goats through our website six months in advance of when you’d like them to come.

2. Consultation

We’ll reach out to schedule an in-person consultation before providing a quote.

3. Job-Site Prep


Before we bring the goats, we’ll come out and set up the fencing.

4. Goat Grazing


We bring you the herd, and they do their work! 

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